Track: Knights of Shame +
Album: Megalithic Symphony


Knights of Shame - AWOLNATION

Track: I'm Not Your Toy
Artist: La Roux
Album: La Roux


La Roux - I’m Not Your Toy

Track: Sleeping Lessons
Artist: The Shins
Album: Wincing the Night Away


The Shins - Sleeping Lessons 

Track: Steady now
Artist: Michael Cera
Album: true that


Steady now // Michael Cera

take your clothes off and jump into bed 
and search for that happy thought, the one from before 
about how pleasant it would be if people wished they could be like you 

Track: Invincible
Artist: Russell Brower
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Track: Cinematic/Trailer Music

Album: Wrath of the Lich King Official Soundtrack

Wrath of the Lich King - Cinematic/Trailer Music

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Track: Millions
Artist: Starfucker
Album: Reptilians (Deluxe Edition)


TDB Song of the Day. 

"I love to see you cryin’ 
so happy when you’re sad. “

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alt-J have a new track out that has them sounding more like their first album than ever. Listen to Every Other Freckle.


Marco (Ep 16 BGM)- Shingeki no Kyojin

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Track: 10 進撃st-hrn-gt20130629巨人 +
Artist: Attack on Titan Original Soundtrack 2
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